Which games require more Internet speed online?

Which games need more Internet speed?

Nowadays, a good Internet connection is a must have to enjoy videogames. There are several games that require more Internet speed than other services such as streaming or cloud storing. In this article we explore which videogames require a faster internet connection to really enjoy the experience.

If you don’t have the Internet speed requirements your videogame may run with LAG or other performance issues. In order to avoid connection problems you can use a wireless repeater and other devices, but first you have to know why the Internet is running slow. It’s also important to know which games and genres require more Internet speed to run smoothly.

The games that requiere more Internet speed online.

Games which normally require more Internet speed

Most of the times the games than require more Internet speed are those who have high end graphics and online sport experiences. The logic behind the higher Internet speed exigencies is that the main files require constant update. Also the graphics are rendered externally and you need to load them with a great Internet speed for a smooth session. So, the first type of games that require faster Internet speed are those with high end graphics.

Games with high graphics

If the game needs to load high graphics, it probably will require a faster Internet connection. It’s similar to the streaming requirements of services like Netflix or Max. You have to make sure your Internet connection loads the graphics fast to avoid LAG and general problems with the gaming session. A simple game with low graphics can run even with slower Internet settings.

Titles with frequent file updating

When a videogames updates files frequently the Internet speed need is higher. Some war games tend to load big update packs for example, in order to update different maps and presence of the armies. It’s not the game that requires a good Internet speed but the download of updates may affect your overall experience.

Shooters and battle games

Slow latency and good Internet speed are the two main requirements to play battle and shooter games online. In these type of games you will find a lot of players online. The Internet speed is needed to load maps and improve your performance when competing against players from all around the world.

Sport games that require more Internet speed

Basketball games as well as soccer titles usually require a fast Internet connection to work properly. When you compete against other human players the Internet speed is a decisive factor for each of your plays.

To sum up, these are the titles that will require your Internet connection to be faster if your want to win. Avoid connection issues by checking your service before starting a game session.

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