How to use Upscayl edition tool for your image

Escalate and increase any image resolution with AI using Upscayl

The number of apps using AI has increased in the recent years through the development of generative intelligence. ChatGPT, Dall-E and other tools are based on complex language model that automate several actions on the daily computer activity. Thanks to software like Upscayl you can work on your image and photo files with AI.

From chatbots to image editors, video edition software, transcriptions and voice modificators, the options of AI programs are very varied. In the case of Upscayl we are talking about an image resolution editor using AI in easy and intuitive ways.

Different Upscayl models for edition

Use Upscayl to escalate your images for free in any resolution

You can install Upscayl and start scaling any image to increase resolution and details. The image is totally free and open-source. This is relevant because it helps the community to keep developing and introducing updates to the software solution.

In order to use it, you only need to visit the official webpage and download the Upscayl installer. It’s an app available for Windows, Linux and macOS devices. You can also download the portable version, a compressed file that leaves no traces on your operating system. The cloud version is on the way, when it’s finally finished you will be able to edit photos directly from the online platform with no installation whatsoever.

Once you have downloaded the app, click on the executable file and you will launch the tool. It has several options to start working immediately. You can select the image to escalate, the destiny folder and then press the Upscayl button.

Wait for a few seconds and the new image will appear on your selected folder. The app interface includes a slide bar that shows you the difference between the original and new photo.

Upscayl image and edition tools

You can escalate and change the resolution of several photos at the same time. You only need to select Batch Upscayl and select the folder you want to escalate. There’s also a vast menu of image generation models. Each one is optimized following determined styles and algorithms and they will escalate your image on different times.

By default the program escalates the images 4 times its original resolution. But you can increase the multiplier. Above x4, each new escalation will only increase the resolution and AI details won’t be applied. There’s also a special option called Double Upscayl to apply the escalation tool two times over the same photo.

The tool settings include the selection of output format such as PNG, JPG or WEBP. It’s also possible to set a customized width and compress them if it’s too big. Upscayl is a great image resolution software that helps you to improve a photo resolution. You can use it in any photo you can’t see properly. If the result doesn’t convince you should try a different generation model until you find the correct one.

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