Health battery level in iPhone

How to recover 100% battery health in iPhone

Health battery in iPhone is quite an issue. You can find devices that last several years and others that just die after a few months. The main cause for this is health battery issues in iPhone and you can learn how to take care of it easily.

The health battery percentage is located in the settings menu. You can check it out from the battery tab. When the battery health is good, the device capacity is higher. Increasing the health battery percentage in iPhone is very useful for daily life activities with a Smartphone.

How does the battery health percentage works in iPhone

Is battery health percentage in iPhone a real number?

In fact, the battery levels in iPhone is not an accurate fact about the device state. In more than one occasion Apple’s technical support states that the percentage may vary when a new update arrives. Then it’s not a number strictly related to the battery health status.

The true meaning of health battery percentage is a relation between the iPhone battery and the optimization of the operating system. If you mix all of it, you will have a percentage to try and learn how you device is working. The number will change if the newer iOS version update improves the performance levels of your phone.

Change your practices to improve battery health

The only way to reduce the battery percentage decrease in iPhone in the long term is to avoid certain mistakes. For example, you shouldn’t spend the battery below the 20% charging level. It’s also important to check voltage levels when plugging the iPhone for a charge.

Besides these two tips, the only other way to improve battery health level in your phone is to change the battery itself. You must do it through the official Apple technicians. If you try it otherwise, you can end up damaging the iPhone.

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