Best app to learn about eclipses on iPhone

The best iPhone app to learn about eclipses

The iPhone is a great device for photographs. You can follow certain tips and advices to make the most out of its cameras and you can even take excellent images from an eclipse. In order to learn about eclipses and take great photos you can use the app One Eclipse.

It is an app developed by astronomy experts. You can use it to learn about taking photos and videos of eclipses as well as learn about them and see the schedule of future ones. It’s a very cheap app that you can really enjoy if you are an eclipse enthusiast.

The iPhone app One Eclipse

Price and how to download the best eclipses app on iPhone One Eclipse

Until not too long ago, One Eclipse was free. But nowadays you have to pay 0,99 euros to download it. It’s still a very cheap price for a great astronomy app. You must pay before downloading it but you will the install the best eclipses app available on iPhone. An advantage of One Eclipse is that the app doesn’t hide any subscription or additional payment.

All the money One Eclipse earns goes to Astronomers Without Borders, a group involved in the app’s creation. You can download and buy the app directly from the App Store. There’s also an Android app available and you can buy it for the same price.

What is One Eclipse?

You may have heard about SkySafari, another app on the App Store. If you like astronomy, then you surely know that this app gives you all kind of information about the sky, constellations, stars and satellites surrounding our planet. One Eclipse comes from the same team.

The objective of One Eclipse is fully centered on eclipses. Lunar, solar or annular eclipses are featured in the app. You can learn all the relevant information about them.  

Among the highlighted features you can see a countdown for the next ones. There’s also an interactive map to find the best spot to watch eclipses and additional information. The app also indicates you the best time to watch the space phenomenon and general information about the culture and interpretation of eclipses. Remember to protect your iPhone camera with a filter before exposing it to or your own eyes to a direct eclipse.

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