How to fix router common issues

Common issues with a router and how to fix them

There are certain issues that are very common when dealing with routers. For example, the most common issues with router slow down the connection generate micro cuts and they can even avoid a normal connection between the router and the devices. It’s important to know the causes and how to avoid issue and keep your router working properly.

The router brand is not strictly related to the most common issues. You can have problems with newer or older devices, and depending on the circumstances, there are easy ways to try and solve each of the issues.

The most common issues when dealing with your router

Most typical router issues and solutions

The main issues that are in the list are easily solved. Following the indications, you can make sure your router and Internet devices work correctly and overcome any speed or coverage limitation. The list of typical router issues include from interferences to overload, heating or firmware issues. Each problem has a different strategy to solve it.


One of the most common issues with the router is the appearance of interferences. They may affect your router and generate problems when connecting to the wireless network. The interferences sometimes appear if you are near another device. The location of your router is very important to avoid interferences. Do not place your router near Bluetoth devices, wireless phones or microwaves ovens. The usage of 2.4 GHz is one of the main causes for interferences.  To avoid interferences with your router, try placing it far from other Internet and Bluetooth devices. The best option is a high place from where to share the signal for good.

Outdated firmware

Another common issue with the router is having an outdated firmware. Your router won’t work at 100% if you don’t have the latest update and there are also security risks. The best solution for this is to always download the latest version available and make sure it’s installed.

Depending on the router, you may need to update it manually. If your router doesn’t update automatically then you should visit the official webpage of the developer and download the latest version available. Always make sure you download firmware from trustworthy sources.


The router can suffer from overload if you connect too many devices at the same time. Although it’s true that newer routers admit more devices at once, the overload can still happen. You must take this into account in your house or office.

A good option to avoid overload is using the Gigabit Ethernet ports. There you can connect some devices specially those that require most speed and stability when dealing with Internet.

Heating common issues with your router

Another common issue when connecting to the Internet is the overheating of your router. If the router is heat you may suffer from cuts and connection loss. It’s very common to suffer heating during summer because of the environment temperature. Also remember that the lifespan of your router and other devices can be reduced for working on heating conditions. Place your router far from heat sources, don’t expose it to sunlight and try to locate it away from television sets, computers and other devices.

These are the most common connection issues you may face with your router. It’s good to take them into account and try avoiding them if possible, in order to make your router lifespan longer.

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