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Are second hand routers dangerous?

The router is a very important device for your Internet connection. If you are thinking about buying second hand routers you may need to learn about security measures and protection against hackers before choosing one. The biggest risk is having second hand routers maliciously set to infect or expose your devices. You must know who you are buying a second hand device before paying.

If you buy second hand routers on the Internet and they are tinkered, you can be easily targeted by hackers. In order to make a smart buy, you should take into account some of the aspects we explore in this article.

How does DNS hijacking works in second hand routers

Second hand routers and security issues

Usually there are no risks when you buy second hand routers. In fact, there have to be tinkered with to expose your devices to certain risks. However, you may be victim of a scammer or hacker that sells you a router with malicious software or settings.

The DNS hijacking is a method hackers use to steal your information or infect your device. A DNS hijacking is a setting that directs your browser to malicious websites. If you introduce a website, the hacker gives you a false imitation of the website to steal your data.

Another risk is having an outdated router. If the model has well known vulnerabilities, you may be exposed to hackers more easily. Although the risks are not that high, you can prevent them. What you need to do is prepare the router before using it.

How to prepare your second hand routers for a new use

The first thing you should do when using a second hand router is using factory reset. By doing this you eliminate any setting previously made. You can reduce the risks of DNS hijacking. Then you should proceed to update the router firmware. It’s important to download the latest firmware from the manufacturer website in order to prevent any security breach.

The last setting you can use to improve security with second hand routers is creating strong passwords. This is a good advice for any router or service at all. The strongest your password the less possibilities of a hacker breaking into your devices.

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