Baby arrives in Dragon Ball: The Breakers new season

Dragon Ball: The Breakers season 6 all new details and trailer

If you are a player of Dragon Ball: The Breakers, there is a new trailer for you. It’s time for the sixth season of the Nintendo Switch game and the universe from Akira Toriyama’s mind is full of new ideas. It’s a sort of homage for the mangaka who recently died.

The new Dragon Ball: The Breakers season includes interesting new features and the trailer invites new players to explore the videogame. There are numerous new skins for the survivors, a new invader, new customization items and transpheres. But the world of The Breakers is still unknown for several players. Season 6 is here and you can learn what it is about.

What's new in Dragon Ball: The Breakers season 6?

Dragon Ball: The Breakers, all the new stuff and the videogame goal

From June 26th you can play the new season of the asymmetric multiplayer experience Dragon Ball: The Breakers. The game confronts the most popular villains in the Dragon Ball universe against humans without powers. In order to stop Freeza, Cell and other classic villains you can use different gadgets. And there’s also the advantage of numbers. The invader is one and the survivors can fight in groups of seven.

The new additions in Dragon Ball: The Breakers season 6 includes different skins and villains. The complete list includes:

  • New invader character, Baby from Dragon Ball GT.
  • New survivors’ skin Launch (blue hair).
  • Launch (blonde hair).
  • Bulla (Dragon Ball GT version).

All characters can be acquired through TP Tokens.

  • New Transphere through Spirit Siphon: Goku Super Saiyan 3.
  • New customizable items from the game shop: Dirty Fireworks.
  • Your father has been killed.
  • Defeated Paragus.
  • New accessory – Bulma’s Rabbit ribbon.
  • New clothes: Adult Gohan’s Gi.
  • New clothes: Super 17 clothes.

If you haven’t started the latest Breakers season, then you can get excited with the trailer as you prepare to play the game.

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