Nintendo Switch 2 release date

Nintendo Switch 2 and a possible release date

The rumors about Nintendo Switch 2 release date and features keep adding as we get close a possible launch. The new Nintendo console is getting closer and we can expect it to happen sometime in 2024. The latest rumors ventured a potential release window for what will be the new generation of Japanese made videogame consoles.

It’s almost sure that 2024 is the year for Nintendo Switch 2 release date. The console will still be a hybrid one. The Japanese developer created a tablet-like console that you can also connect like a traditional home console through HDMI. For the new Nintendo Switch 2 the format will still be hybrid and it will incorporate more powerful technical specifications. Do you know the release window for Switch 2 that circulates among videogames enthusiasts?

How can the Nintendo Switch 2 look like

Nintendo Switch 2 release date hints

A YouTuber spread the latest rumor when indicating that Nintendo is looking for a new professional for the marketing department. The job posting specifies the requirements for the post and the goal: a strong marketing campaign for the second half of 2024”. Between the months and onwards to August. This release window is similar to that of Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U. It’s not crazy assuming that the Nintendo Switch successor will be launched through this marketing campaign.

Nintendo 64 appeared in stores in June 1996 in times of less globalized economy. But Wii appeared on December 2006 and Wii U in November 2012. There are several alternatives as the rumors keep growing.

The almost certain release date

There is no doubt that Nintendo is preparing the new console. It’s already fully designed and finished. The console is ready to enter the final production process for a worldwide release. If the Japanese are becoming less discrete with the hardware and software information of Nintendo Switch 2, there are high chances that the console launch is near. Companies that work with Nintendo are very aware of Nintendo non disclosure agreements, so they keep the information safe. But the increase in Switch 2 rumors indicates that some aspects are not secret anymore. 2024 is the year of Nintendo Switch 2 we only have to wait the specific release date.

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