The new Mimikyu holowear in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite confirms a new holowear of Mimikyu

There are several news for those who are fans of Pokemon Unite, from a pokemon hidden for years in the videogame to new creatures that you can start using. But there is also a new holowear to customize Mimikyu and keep playing Pokemon Unite with your favorite characters.

The new holowear of Mimikyu comes in the form of a gift code. You can use it since June 27th and it allows you to use a different style for your creatures in the Pokemon Unite world. You just need to input the gift code to download the Mimikyu holowear. But there are also other updates for those who play Pokemon Unite regularly.

The Ceruledge character and other Pokemon Unite news.

The new Mimikyu holowear and latest updates of Pokemon Unite

Along with the gift codes of 2024 for Pokemon Unite and the new Mimikyu holowear, there is also the shocking revelation of a hidden pokemon in the game. The creature has been hidden in the MOBA Alpha version and data miners consider it a MissingNo for the time being. There are also doubts about the monster being a special Rotom. But there has been no official information yet.

The latest characters in Pokemon Unite

In the latest Pokemon Presents event there were two playable characters announcements. Falinks and Ceruledge became playable characters and you can create your team with these powerful creatures on it.  Falinks is a group pokemon consisting in the Brass and five Troopers. And is a fire / ghost pokemon from the ninth generation. The design of Ceruledge is one of the most interesting ones, with several features inspiring in medieval knights.

Both creatures are extremely useful for your group if you learn the correct strategies when attacking your enemy headquarters. You can start creating your party for the Pokemon Unite MOBA and use the Mimikyu holowear to customize your playtrough. The Pokemon universe keeps growing.

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