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Pokemon GO increases the prices of remote raid passes and limits the number of daily raids

  • Niantic, the parent company of Pokemon GO, is doubling the cost of remote raid passes.
  • The number of daily raids available to players is limited to five.
  • The changes are part of Niantic’s strategy to improve the health of the game and preserve the unique experience of Pokemon GO.

According to Niantic, the mobile game has increased the prices of remote passes to improve the long-term health of the game and preserve the unique experience of playing Pokemon GO.

Before, players could buy one pass for 100 coins (about $1) or three passes for 250 coins (about $2.50), but now it doubles and they can enjoy this exciting feature for 195 coins for one pass or 525 coins. for three passes.

While raids used to require players to meet in physical locations, the pandemic introduced Remote Raid Passes to allow people to engage in raid battles from afar. This also made the game more accessible to people who have mobility issues or other limitations that prevent them from going out and catching them all.

Niantic, the parent company of Pokemon GO, has made significant changes to the game to make it easier to interact with PokéStops or gyms from afar.

As one of the most profitable mobile games ever, Pokemon GO itself isn’t particularly desperate for cash. But it looks like Niantic could be facing headwinds.

Although the company was valued at $9 billion in November 2021, it faced layoffs and canceled four projects. However, Pokemon GO plays a vital role in Niantic’s growth beyond its contributions as a source of revenue.

Niantic’s plans to build its “AR metaverse” are based on its treasure trove of AR location data, which Pokemon GO has been instrumental in building.

How to join a remote passes in Pokemon GO?

There are three ways to do it:

Use the “Near” button in the lower right corner of the map and select the “Raid” tab. Then, select the raids you want to participate in and press “View” to access them.

Select any Gym with a raid in progress in the Map View.

Accept an invite from a friend to a raid, no matter how far away it is.

Source: Niantic

Once you’re in the raid you want, simply press the pink button to use your remote raid pass and head inside. Up to five Trainers can participate in the same Remote Raid, but if there are already five Remote Trainers, you will be placed in a separate lobby.

When you’re in a remote raid, you can choose your Pokemon and share a group code with other trainers to join your team.

Remote trainers will have Pokemon that are weaker than those that are physically present, although this can vary at specific times. Additionally, raids completed with a Remote Pass will count towards Research and Raid Badges, and you’ll be able to enjoy Friendship and Team Bonuses.

Join the action from anywhere, anytime!

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