Online Checkers

Online checkers game. Practice here, then eliminate your friends! Drag and drop. For a double jump, drag and drop twice.

How to play Checkers Online

Simply drag and drop the black tiles to move them.

The chips that you can move will be those that will be highlighted when you place the mouse over them.

You can select the level of gaming experience of the computer: the higher the level, the more difficult. Level one means that the computer will make the decision that gives it the best immediate result, regardless of your next move. By default it is level 6, which already makes having a fairly complicated component to expire. Level ten makes facing a very difficult opponent to beat, although it takes some time to perform his moves, so it offers you a break to plan your next move.

You can let the computer move first by clicking “Computer First”.

The rules of the checkers

Players take turns doing the moves. To win, you have to “eat” all of your opponent’s checkers, or block them so he can’t move them.

At the start, all pieces can move to the opposite side of the board, moving diagonally from a red square to a free red square. When a checker reaches the opposite side of the board, the checker is crowned (you make a queen). The following moves with the queen can be made in any diagonal direction on the board.

If a square diagonally is occupied by your opponent’s piece, and next to it there is a vacant square, you have to jump over the opponent’s piece and “eat” it. The player must keep jumping if he is able to do so. When there is more than one chance to jump, the player chooses which one he wants to move.

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