Revolut neobank experience

Neobank experience in first person

The way we manage our money has changed over the years. The neobank experience is common nowadays and there are several perks for the user. These fintech apps are really useful if we buy in online stores or travel a lot. You can register in the one you like the most and there are no stay requirements.

In this article we collect the experience with neobanks from users around the net. The advantages and difficulties they have faced and why they keep recommending this financial approach. After reading, you can choose whichever neobank you like to start enjoying financial freedom.

Neobank experience with Wise

Experience neobank app with Wise

Wise is a good tool for managing your money online. You can exchange different currencies with the best rates, and limit the amount of money you carry. It has a very easy and intuitive interface and lets you pay online and fast in almost every store. You can also move your money with less commission fees.

Rebellion and Curve

Rebellion is a neobank with several benefits for buying online through virtual means. You can use the Rebellion virtual card to buy in stores where you don’t want to share your personal data. The referral system also lets you earn more perks when inviting new users.

Curve is another option that works very well for a good neobank experience. You can take all your debit and credit cards and put them into a virtual one. Curve lets you choose which bank to pay from and the payment method. On the first year of use, Curve grants you cashback options related to the amount you spend.

Revolut neobank experience


Revolut is an excellent option for those who travel abroad. It lets you buy online with a safer interface. Through the neobank experience you add a layer of protection to your bank data. Instead of introducing your card data in each purchase, you use a neobank as mediator.

Revolut creates one use only debit cards to pay for the item. Then, the card is discarded when a new one is originated. If the online store is hacked, your payment data won’t be at risk.


One of the most interesting options for spending money internationally is Bnext. It lets you extract money from an ATM without fees.

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