Delete the personal data Google saves

How much does Google know about your personal data? Learn to erase it

Google is the most used search engine in the Internet. However there is a lot of criticism to how Google manages your personal data. You may not be aware of the recompilation of data that the search engine does. It is not a direct process. The Google search engines compiles data from your habits and creates a profile regarding your practices.

Using your profile, Google sends you specific adds and earns millions of dollars. If you don’t want your personal information to be compiled by Google, you can erase it. We show you how to learn which personal data Google has about you and how to eliminate it to protect your privacy.

Learn how much of your personal data Google knows

You only need to access the My Activity page from Google. Enter this webpage to see what Google has saved from your Internet activity. You can see the last webpages you have visited, Wallet payments, polls and YouTube videos, among other personal data Google registers. Once you navigate and learn what Google knows about you, you can start erasing the data.

In order to eliminate the personal information Google collects, you only need to press the three points icon. Select Eliminate activity. You can filter personal data from your webpage search or erase only YouTube activity. There is also the option of erasing all the personal activity Google has compiled. You need to repeat this process every so often. Google doesn’t stop saving your personal navigation data. You can also select the period of time you want to erase, in order to eliminate recent or elder activities.

The company uses this information saving process to provide a focused advertising campaign. However, you can protect your personal data by erasing regularly the Internet activity the company registers everytime you use the different platform tools.

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