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5 webs to download free videos with no copyright

When editing your videos, you may find yourself in need of extra material. You can download free videos fragments from YouTube and other platforms but there is always the risk of copyright infringement. The solution is to use websites that gives you access to free videos.

In this list you will find 5 webs with multimedia content free of copyright. All the videos from these websites can be downloaded for free and used to edit your own creations. You won’t ever have a copyright problem using these files.


All Pexels videos are free of copyright. You can download videos using the search box, introducing your favorite topics or elements you need for your video. You will find vertical and horizontal videos and you can even use the Canvas app to introduce some changes. The videos can be downloaded with no registration at all.


Back in the day, Vimeo wanted to compete with YouTube. Finally it became a professional platform where users share their content with no add. You can download videos to edit your own creation through Creative Commons license. You need to have a free account in order to download the videos.


The Videvo platform has more than 500.000 videos that you can download. Each files has a description and you can preview the file before downloads The videos are in .mov format and you don’t need to register to save the files to your device.

Webs to download free videos, Stock Video

The Stock Video platform is another excellent choice to download free videos. Every file is available on 1920*1080 resolutions and organized through different categories. It is very easy to find content to complete your own videos with no risk of copyright infringement.


Distill is still in beta phase but it’s functional. The platform allows you to download hundreds of free videos. The online content updates every 10 days. You can download the files with no registration at all.

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