How to solve slow WiFi issues

Slow WiFi even when near the router

Speed issues when using Internet are more usual than we want to admit. If you are suffering from a slow WiFi even when near the router, you can try some of the tips we give you to improve the speed or solve the problem. Sometimes a slow WiFi originates in a malfunction of the router but there can be other issues.

If you have slow Internet speed even when near the router you can check out these solutions. You may find a way to improve the Internet velocity for your mobile devices.

The slow WiFi normal issues

Use 5.0 Ghz bandwidth

Routers work in with two different bandwidths, 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz. The first one is more stable and recommended when far of the router. 5.0 Ghz bandwidth allows you to enjoy a faster connection but you need to be close to the router. If your WiFi is slow, check out that you are connecting to a 5.0 Ghz band and not a 2.4.

Limitations of your device for slow WiFi

It is also common for mobile phones to have limitations. For example, you have an optic fiber service of 600 Mbps but your device max speed is 400 Mbps.  In this case, the problem is not the router but a hardware limitation. You can check your network card in order to make sure it’s compatible with your service max speed.

Connection problems

Even though it’s not common, your slow Internet connection may occur due to connection issues. The router may be broken or working with errors. In that case, even if you stand close to it, the WiFi speed connection would be slow.


There are several situations in which your WiFi connection may be slow even when standing near the router. Try to discover what the speed problem cause is in order to fix it and enjoy a good Internet connection.

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