Cloud services price options

The correct price for Cloud services

Using Cloud services for backup copies or sharing files is very common nowadays. When selecting a Cloud services provider we need to take into account the price. There are free options as well as paid ones. We list you some of the main features to take into consideration when choosing the correct price for the services you use.

The features of each Cloud services provider are not the same. You can choose from 500 GB to 5 TB or different layers of security, privacy and protection. Each of these features make the price go higher and you need to select the one that suits you best.

Price for Cloud services according to storage space

If you want to pay for storage capacity, 1 TB is more or less 5 dollars a month. There are also more expensive offers that include other security measures and make the price reach 10 or 12 dollars a month for 1 TB. If you want 2 TB of space, the prince range starts at 10-12 dollars a month. There are also yearly options that allow you to save up to 15 or 20 dollars for the service. The 12 dollars per 1 TB price is the highest, if someone offers you a higher price, it’s not a good deal.

How to choose your Cloud services provider

One of the main features you should consider when choosing Cloud services is the encryption feature. The personal data of your files must be protected and this can influence the final price of the Cloud services. You must also check that the provider is compatible with your Operative System. You may want a Cloud tool to work in your computer as well as your mobile phone. That way you can go from one device to another with no problems and transfer your own files.

You must also take into consideration the real amount of storage space you need. The storage space is the most expensive aspect of Cloud services. You may need only 100 GB rather than 1 TB. That decision may save some money for you.

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