How to start as a Twitch streamer

How to start earning money as a Twitch streamer

The world of streaming Is full of people wanting money. Twitch is a platform for gamers who want to earn money by developing a faithful audience through their gaming skills or sense of humour. If you want so earn money as a Twitch streamer you need to be good, and we list some of the tips of pro players to become famous on the net.

Nowadays, the alternatives for gaming are reduced. Mixer and Facebook Gaming failed, and you can only be a famous streamer by creating in YouTube or Twitch. The content is heavily focused on gaming but you can also use Twitch or YouTube to stream other contents. If you want to triumph in Twitch, follow our tips.

Become a famous Twitch streamer

How to become a Twitch streamer

The Twitch platform is a space for users to broadcast content online and for free. You don’t need to pay anything, you only need the equipment for your broadcast. If you want to show your games online, you can use Xbox and PlayStation services to play live on the Internet.

You have to create an account in Twitch and set the data for display on the front page of your channel. It’s possible to register for free with your e-mail account. You can also register with a telephone number and select your nickname and password.

Set your Twitch account

From the Creator Control Panel you can set the configuration for your channel. There you can introduce a description as well as links to other social networks you have. The main objective is to synch your Internet persona to become famous. You should also include a symbol or icon for your channel, a logo to easily recognize your content.

Which apps can you use to broadcast in Twitch?

You only need to have a computer or game console to broadcast your content. If you want to broadcast directly from Twitch you can use Steamlabs, OBS and Twitch Studio. 99% of the streamers around the world use these platforms to improve the connectivity and quality of the content we share.

  • OBS is the most complete app. It’s the easiest one as well. It’s totally free and you can record the screen to edit the videos and share them later.
  • Streamlabs Desktop is an open source app based on OBS. It includes Twitch chat support, recording features and widgets for an easier navigation.
  • Twitch Studio was developed exclusively for online streaming. It’s still in beta phase but it has great image and performance quality.

Broadcast directly from PlayStation

If you have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 you can directly broadcast online your game sessions. You only need to open the game and press the Share button. Then you have to confirm the Broadcast option and select the platform. The system will ask for information  about your Twitch account to sync the transmission.

You can select to share your image from a PlayStation official camera or the sound from the microphone. Another possibility is to share only the sound from the game. Another setting available is the chat windows one. You can introduce a column in the right side of the screen to chat with other users directly from the game.

PlayStation 4 can broadcast in Twitch at a resolution of 720p 60 FPS. The models PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5 support 1080p 60 FPS for broadcasting in Twitch.

Broadcast in Twitch from Xbox

The process to broadcast in Twitch from Xbox is very similar to PlayStation. The only difference is that there is no Share button on the joystick. You need to enter the Xbox menu and select the option Capture and Share. There you select Broadcast live and select the platform. You can introduce your Twitch account, introduce the password and start sharing your gaming session with other users.

Broadcast on Twitch from a computer with OBS

The OBS app lets you broadcast directly from your computer to the Twitch platform. You can set audio, video and other aspects of the transmission. OBS is an open source app for broadcasting online as well as recording game sessions. It’s compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 platforms.

You can select the resolution for your transmission as well as the FPS rate. OBS is compatible with Twitch, YouTube and other streaming platforms. If you want to become a Twitch streamer, you can start practicing with this app in your computer. Remember to introduce your account data to transmit the game in your own channel.

How much money can you earn as a Twitch streamer?

You don’t need to pay to broadcast your gaming sessions in Twitch. However, when you reach certain requirements to start monetizing your channel, there’s a percentage that goes to Twitch. The subscriptions to your channel divide 50-50 with the platform. The money is used to support the servers as well as the Twitch developers. The price of subscription varies from country to country. In Spain you start at 3,99 Euros for a Level 1 user.

You can also earn money with bits. This is the name of a coin in Twitch. Each bit is equal to 0,01 Euro. The percentage goes 80% for the creator and 20% for the platform. There’s also a new feature to include adds in your videos. The creator decides the time of adds. The earnings depend on the amount of spectators and the adds shown per hour.

If the user wants to avoid adds, it can subscribe to your channel. That way, you can become a more famous streamer in Twitch by adding new users regularly. There are also donations through PayPal or Patreon that go directly to the creator account.

Requirements for Twitch affiliates

If you want to earn money in Twitch you need to be Affiliate and then Partner. To become a Twitch affiliate you have to complete the following requirements:

  • Broadcast a minimum of 8 hours a month.
  • Have at least 50 followers.
  • Reach an average of 3 spectators.

A Twitch affiliate can have Level 1 subscriptions. However, the adds option is not available until reaching the Partner status.

Partner status requirements

To become a Twitch partner streamer you have to reach the following requirements:

  • Broadcast minimum 25 hours a month in 12 separate days.
  • Reach average of 75 spectators.

Once you are a Partner, you can have Level 2 and 3 subscriptions as well as the adds service. You can also ask to be in the Twitch front page for a month.

Analyze the transmission stats

Once the broadcast is over you can ask Twitch for data of the transmission stats. This is very useful to understand which content works and how to improve the quality of your channel. The main idea of this tool is to develop an engaging channel to become a famous streamer in Twitch to start earning money.

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