Tips before closing your social network account

Tips before closing your social network account

Before closing a social network account there are some tips you should follow. You may want to close a social network because you don’t use it or you don’t like it anymore. But there’s so much information saved that you should erase before leaving.

If you are closing a social network account take these tips into consideration. They can help you to avoid a headache in the future and protect your personal data and information. The process is also practical to remove and clean files you won’t need anymore.

Tips before closing your social network account

The best tips to prepare for closing a social network account

You can follow these tips in social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other. When you leave a social network you may lose contacts, photos or information. It is also important to erase any track in order to disappear completely from the app database.

Save the photos

Your social network accounts is full of photos you don’t even remember. However, you should save the photos you like before saying goodbye to your social network account. If you haven’t reviewed your gallery in a while, you may find some surprises. The first of the tips before closing your social network account is to check out all the folders and galleries to save the photos you like.

Tell your contacts you are leaving

If you don’t want to lose contact with certain users, take your time to inform them of your decision. Sometimes we only contact people through certain social networks. It’s good to check that when leaving a social network those people will still be able to reach us. You can always add them to other platforms to be in touch.

Be careful with synched services

Another of the most useful tips for closing a social network account is to check the synched services. You may have started some platforms using you social network account and you may lose access. The best way to avoid this is to set your e-mail as the new access method. As well as other social accounts you still keep.

Check the information you share and save

You may have saved important information in your tweets and posts. It’s a good idea to check your publication history before erasing a social network account. That way you won’t end up erasing something you wanted to keep.

Deactivate and eliminate account

The last of the tips for closing your social network account is to revise the elimination process. There are several apps that give you the possibility to fully eliminate an account or to deactivate. The difference, such as in Facebook, is that deactivation is reversible. You can return to your account before certain amount of time. The elimination process makes your account to disappear permanently. If you want to take some time from the social network, you can deactivate the account. But if you want to fully erase your presence, choose elimination.

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