What do Internet cookies do for you

What happens if you accept Internet cookies without setting them

Internet cookies are files that store web pages data when we visit them. The cookies setting is important in Android, iOS or computers. Here we will analyze which data is stored in cookies and why are they important. We explain you as well why you should set them before accepting blindly.

If you know what cookies are for, there is no reason to believe they are bad for your device. To learn how to identify cookies and their function we explain you step by step what are they and how to customize their function.

What are Internet cookies?

What are Internet cookies

Cookies are a series of files created through our navigation data. All the webs we visit have cookies but to work they need our consent and to follow certain rules. There are positive and negative aspects related to Internet cookies function. For example, if we exit accidentally a web store when we had products on the cart, cookies let us open it again without losing data. The cookies make the system remember our selection.

On the negative side, cookies save the user pattern and make adds customizable for each individual. Adds are necessary for web pages to be profitable, but privacy enthusiasts will hate cookies analyzing our routines. The negative aspect is easily seen when you search for a certain item, and then the adds start showing you similar offers.

In Europe, laws about cookies regulate our control over these files. The main objective is to be able to customize them and not only erase cookies definitely. Maybe make Internet cookies to store certain information but not all.

Different type of Internet cookies

The biggest mistake is to accept all the cookies without knowing what they do. There are certain web pages where cookies setting is really entangled. There are two types of cookies settings. Some files are considered necessary in order to control users web traffic and establish internal control. These files also help register processes in the web and security measures to optimize speed and performance.

The customization cookies or preferences cookies are designed to track our navigation preferences. They save data about the language we use, our region and the browser we use. It’s important to note that not all web pages are fully customized to work with every browser.

There are also cookies for performance and web analysis. These are not the adds cookies but they register user activity while the web session is open.  Adds cookies or marketing cookies are the ones that create a user profile to customize the adds target. They save information about your preferences and likings to show you adds and invite you to spend your money.

Cookies variants

Each web site can make variants of the cookies and divide several aspects. For example, you can have a web site asking you to create your adds profile and separately for your tracking experience. Not all websites ask you one time only if you accept cookies. When you accept all the cookies you let the website do all kind of things with your data.

If you want to protect your privacy you should take a closer look to Internet cookies for each website you visit. According to new European laws, the websites must let you customize the cookies and select what you consider convenient. They may appear in low case and very small letters, but the option should be there.

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