WiFi Network issues

Your phone doesn’t detect the WiFi network? Here’s how to connect

Wireless connection nowadays is very common. We can use all kinds of mobile devices to connect through WiFi. However, there are times when your mobile phone or the WiFi network detect doesn’t work correctly.

In this guide we explore the most common reasons for WiFi not appearing on the phone and how to fix it. The objective of this guide is to solve daily issues that may appear when connecting to a wireless network at home or in the office.

How to solve slow WiFi issues

Why doesn’t my phone detect the WiFi network?

The problem appear when you search for a WiFi network and your phone doesn’t detect it. You have the router and know the name and password but your device doesn’t recognize it. You may even connect regularly to the network but today it’s not anywhere. The reasons for this problem can be several.

Router distance

The router may be far away for our device to detect it. The coverage may be insufficient because of interferences or router placement. Get near to the router to see if the problem is solved. In that case, you should use a WiFi Mesh system, a PLC device or WiFi repeaters In order to expand the coverage.

Router malfunction

Another possibility is that the router may be broken or the settings are not correct. The router may fail because of software or hardware causes. The signal doesn’t reach the phone so our Smartphone doesn’t detect any network.  Use another device to see if it detects the WiFi. If it doesn’t, the router may be the cause. You can try setting the router again or asking a technician to check the insides.

Incorrect bandwidth

Smartphones today let you connect to 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz bandwidth. The 5 GHz one has less reach but more power and speed. If you are trying to connect to a 5 GHz band it may not appear because you have distanced yourself too much from the router. In this case, the 2.4 GHz network should appear.

Mobile phone issues with WiFi network detect

The router may be working fine but not your phone. The WiFi chip in your phone may be damaged or a virus can be affecting your device. There are different malwares that affect directly the connectivity features of Smartphones. It’s also common for viruses to change the WiFi password in order to disconnect you from the net or taking control of your router.

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