How to improve WiFi coverage connection

The best way to improve WiFi coverage

There are different ways to improve WiFi coverage at home. In order to choose the best one for our home, we need to know how they work. The idea is to get a better connection with no failures or slow WiFi connection. The use of one of these options will depend on the coverage of our wireless connection service.

We always start by adding a WiFi repeater. However, this device not always improves the connection and it may not cover the entire house. The WiFi repeater receives the router signal and amplifies it in a small zone. If you want to amplify the coverage you may have to opt for more expensive solutions.

Improve connection with a WiFi Mesh system

How to solve slow WiFi issues

The WiFi Mesh system is a kit of several devices that connect between themselves. They are different satellites spread around the house and linked. They can cover more space through a net mesh. It’s a specially useful resource for bigger houses, gardens, offices or big facilities.

It’s important to choose the correct mesh system for your house.You need to take into account the number of satellites as well as the maximum speed support. Each WiFi Mesh system has its own features.  Some Mesh systems support double bandwidth while others only work in one band. A Fast Ethernet system will be limited to 100 Mbps and it won’t allow to take advantage of higher optic fiber velocities.

At the end of the day, to get WiFi internet connection for the entire house there are several options. A WiFi Mesh system is a more expensive solution but it also greatly improves the Internet signal coverage. If the repeater option does not work, you may try it. The WiFi Mesh is a more professional solution that includes several satellites to link in order to create a mesh of WiFi connection around the house.

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