How to turn PDF to Word in a few steps

How to turn PDF to Word without programs

PDF files are used by thousands of people for its security, compatibility and weight features. The PDF files are not easily editable, and you must use Adobe software if you want advanced features to change the documents. There are also other PDF editors online. However, there are also alternatives to turn a PDF file to Word .doc format in order to edit it faster.

It’s usual for documents to be finally sent in PDF, but the edition can be done in Word format for easier modifications. In this tutorial you will learn how to turn a PDF to doc. without the need of third party apps. You can make the change back and forth with almost no problems.

Option in Word to save documents as PDF

Turn PDF to Word easily

The steps to transform a PDF file to .doc are very easy to follow. In this guide you will find them detailed in order to have all your PDF files into a Word format for easier modifications. Then you can turn the file to PDF again.

  1. Find the PDF file to convert.
  2. Open the PDF file.
  3. Open Microsoft Word and select File – Open.
  4. Select the PDF file.
  5. A window depicting the transformation process will appear. Press Accept.
  6. The images and text will keep its quality.
  7. You wil be able to edit the file with the Word interface.

You don’t need to use any third party app to convert PDF to .doc. The newest version of Microsoft Word already includes the code to turn PDF to Word and then edit the files. You can change the font, use several features to make it easy for reading as well as include images and other media resources. The possibility of editing a PDF file directly from Microsoft Word is very practical. The interface remains the same and you can make all the changes in format and style that you consider necessary.

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