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Leaks: iPhone 15 Pro could include innovative Taptic buttons and solid-state mute switches

The new Apple iPhone 15 Pro line has generated great expectations among technology fans. Every week, new rumors and leaks pop up, raising the anticipation for the upcoming release of these flagship smartphones. Recently, information has leaked about an interesting innovation that the iPhone 15 Pro could include: Taptic buttons and solid-state mute switches.

According to the leaks published by user Chenwen1987 of Douyin, shared by user Abhishek Yadav on twitter, these revolutionary buttons will allow you to control the phone’s volume more accurately and quickly, thanks to its ability to respond to pressure. Instead of having two dedicated volume up and down buttons, the iPhone 15 Pro would have a single Taptic button that would allow for one-handed volume adjustment. In addition, this button would also include a haptic feedback that could further improve the user experience.

The mute switch would also have additional functionality as it would become a solid state button. In this way, the user could activate or deactivate the silent mode more easily and without having to search for the physical switch. These buttons are expected to be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, while regular models will retain Apple’s physical mute switch.

Although all the details about how these buttons will be integrated into the design of the iPhone 15 Pro are not yet known, and if these rumors really end up being true, it is clear that they represent an important innovation in the smartphone industry. We will have to wait until September, the date on which the launch of the iPhone 15 line is expected, to know all the details about these buttons and their additional features.

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