How to make battery life last longer in PS5 joystick

How to change and improve the joystick battery of DualSense in PS5

The PS5 joystick introduces several technologies to be used as a point and click device to. However it has a weak point in its battery life. The user needs to use different strategies to have the joystick available. In this guide you will find some tips to change and improve the DualSense battery life in PS5.

The DualSense is a very modern device. It includes many technologies that make the battery life last shorter. It’s a feature that needs improvement in new models. Nowadays, the users tend to change the original DualSense for a new one after only two or three years because of autonomy issues. If you don’t have money for a second joystick, there are other possible solutions to increase the PS5 joystick battery life.

The PS5 joystick DualSense technology

How to make DualSense joystick battery to last longer

PS5 games appeal in comparison with PS4 games is not only visual. It’s true that the graphics are more detailed and have better resolution. There’s also the DualSense integration into the gameplay of several titles.  The price of a PS5 DualSense is not low, and that’s a reason for users to get more out of the battery life.

The first setting you should try in your joystick involves disabling some extra features that drain the battery faster. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the PS5 menu.
  2. Open Settings – Accessories – Joysticks.
  3. Disable the integrated speaker volume.
  4. Turn off the microphone.
  5. Disable Force Feedback resistance.
  6. Adjust vibration.
  7. Turn off the joystick completely.

These little tips can help you save battery. They help the battery last longer by using only the main features accordingly.

Use DualShock 4 in PS4 games in PS5

If you still have a PS4 joystick you can play the games in PS5 without the DualSense. This can help you to save up battery life in PS5. As the PS4 games do not make use of DualSense technology, it’s not necessary to use them.

Replace the DualSense battery for another one

Another solution is to change the battery. Nevertheless, you need to know that opening the joystick voids the warranty. The PS5 joystick battery is of only 1560 mAh. It’s not too much, but having some replace batteries may help you increase the useful life of your joystick. You can also make a better use of the chargers and the alternative batteries for having always a charged device to keep playing.

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