How can the PlayStation 5 slim be

Why is 2023 the launch year for PlayStation 5 slim?

Sony has implemented a release policy of slim consoles for 20 years. The first model of the new PlayStation stays in the market for 2 o 3 years before the launch of a new smaller and compact model. The PlayStation 5 slim can be expected in 2023 following this policy.

Sooner or later the PlayStation 5 will have a slim version. The objective of this launch is to update the hardware with modern and cheaper components in order to reduce the price, and to reduce the size of the console. The slim versions of PlayStations tend to be more efficient and cheaper in price.

The most awaited PlayStation slim 5 version

The slim version tradition for PlayStation 5 in 2023

The only PlayStation that run all the generation with the same design was the first one. The slim model PS One arrived along the PlayStation 2 in 2000. The tradition of PlayStation slim models officially started with the PlayStation 2 slim.

At the end of 2000, the PS2 fat arrived to open the new console generation. 4 years later the PlayStation 2 slim version offered a revised alternative that occupied less space and granted great performance.

The same occurred with PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 fat version was very big and voluminous. The restyling arrived with PlayStation 3 slim in 2009, 3 years after the original PS3 presentation. With each new console, Sony shortes the time between fat and slim versions. That’s a reason to think the new PlayStation 5 slim can arrive in 2023.

Finally, the PlayStation 4 also had a slim version launched less than 3 years after it’s presentation. All the hints points toward a new slim version for PS5. It may be a good decision in order to leave behind the conflict with low stock and expensive components of the original model from Sony.

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