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The new TikTok filter is so real that gives you the goosebumps

TikTok introduced a new filter that surprised all the social network users. It’s very realistic and it will transform your photos. Nowadays, TikTok is one of the most popular social networks online. Thousands of users share millions of photos and videos daily. Among the several thousands filters, there’s a new one so realistic that can give you the goosebumps.

The filters add several new features to the social network, allowing you to transform the photos using a vast array of edition tools. The newest TikTok filter uses Artificial Intelligence to modify the faces in a very convincing way.

TikTok: new features to the social network

The new beauty TikTok filter with AI

The beauty filters imitates makeup to transform your photos. The integration of AI is really amazing because it’s very hard to separate a real image from a filtered one. However, some users have expressed their worries because the new filter gives them the goosebumps.

It’s because the images are so real that they create a dysmorphia sensation. If people can’t distinguish between real images and digitally created ones, the sense of reality may be in jeopardy. This is one of the challenges that social networks are facing nowadays. The filters and other edition tools are funny and useful to improve the image quality. But people must not lose sight of what is real and what is artificial.

How does a TikTok filter works?

A TikTok filter is a tool that adds some degree of edition to a photograph in real time. There are filters that transform your photos into drawing, others that add a virtual sunglass and many others.

The newest AI centered TikTok filter emulates a makeup design. It is so real that some users have trouble distinguishing a real makeup session and a digital one. That’s the risk of AI edition tools today.

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