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6 things you can only do with Linux but not with Windows 11

Linux operative system is very different from Microsoft Windows 11. If you are thinking about starting on Linux, there are several features and actions that Windows 11 will never be able to do. Here we analyze some of the most important characteristics of the Linux environment that Windows 11 can not do.

The new Microsoft operative system is trying to keep users from migration to Linux, but software designers still prefer working in Linux. Nowadays the migration is easier. There are several reasons for you to start using Linux instead of Windows 11 and here you will find 6 features that can make you end up changing your operative system. Different ways in which you can use the Linux environment to make your computer work better.

How to use the Linux user interface

Free operative system forever

Linux is an open source operative system. You can install it for free. Windows 11 asks you to buy a very expensive license. The Linux creator developed the system to be free. You can select any version you want and install it in your computer without expending a cent.

You can also install several apps for free, such as LibreOffice, Firefox or GIMP. You won’t need expensive subscriptions to use the software.

Linux servers run endlessly

The servers in Linux do not restart when you update the system or install a new program. In Linux you can uninstall or install apps while running your system normally. Sometimes you need to restart Linux but it’s only after a kernel update. The experience is more fluent in Linux, without the long waiting times of Windows.

You can run Linux in almost any hardware but not Windows 11

Another reason to use Linux instead of Windows 11 is the hardware system requirements. The new Microsoft operative system needs a relatively new and powerful computer. But you can run Linux in almost any computer. Even if you have a 7 years old device, there’s a Linux version for you to install.

Customize your components

The setting and customization in Linux is way better than in Windows 11. The open code lets any user modify and test new code variants. You can introduce new features if you know how to program. This can help you to optimize the Linux performance according to the hardware you use. In Windows 11 you can’t do this because it’s a close code system.

Linux Kali interface and customization options

Use Linux with no antivirus

Most of the viruses and hacks are designed to attack Windows devices. So you can easily navigate Internet and download files with Linux as the malicious software won’t know how to destroy you system.

There are some viruses for Linux but they are easily spotted and destroyed because you can control every aspect of your system. If you find a strange call, you just have to kill it. There is also an extra layer of security in core files that only the user can modify. You won’t be needing a expensive antivirus when using Linux.

Run Windows software on Linux

Running Linux software on Windows 11 is not possible. But you can use Wine in order to use Windows software in your Linux. It’s not an emulator. It’s a translator of protocol interface apps (API) from Windows to portable operative system interface (POSIX). You will be able to run several Windows apps directly in Linux with no problems.

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