A Smartphone that works slow

Your Smartphone is slow not only because of the processor

You buy a new Smartphone or a secondhand one and it’s slow. Or maybe the Smartphone you use every day starts working slow without apparent cause. Most of the times it’s because the device’s processor is not powerful enough or it’s getting old.

However there are other reasons that make your Smartphone work slow. They can affect your device without regards of the time of use. In this guide you will find the most usual reasons for a slow phone and how to prevent it.

malware in Android

Slow Smartphone because of full memory

Your mobile phone may have the memory full. Or you may be experiencing a lack of memory for the processes you want to run. If you have downloaded a lot of apps, photos and videos, your device may start to work slower. This is specially common in Smartphones with little memory space such as 64 GB or less.

To prevent slowdown you can try moving files to an external memory or empty your current storage space. Uninstall apps, erase videos and old photos. Your operative system always need some free space to work correctly.

RAM memory issues are similar. If the Smartphone is slow it may be because it lacks RAM memory capacity. You may be doing a lot of things at the same time, consuming all the available RAM memory.

The more apps you open and processes you run your phone will run slower. If you are getting short on RAM try to shut off background apps. It’s also important to know how much RAM your device has as well as the year. Newest technology works faster.

A virus makes your Smartphone slow

One of the main reasons for a slow Smartphone is virus infection. A malware in your device consumes resources. You can detect infection when your device starts failing or working strange. Your mobile data connection ends up abruptly or the Smartphone works slower. Verify if you have a strange app installed and eliminate all of those you don’t use anymore. A hacker  may be spying you with a spyware app. A good alternative is to install an antivirus and run a test on your device.  Several malicious apps cause your Smartphone to work slow and they can even hide in your app store and spend some time before being detected. Another option is that the app is not a virus but it consumes lots of resources affecting your Smartphone performance.

Downgraded phone

If you haven’t updated the Smartphone it may be working slow because the system is outdated. Some updates fix the operative system speed and improve the user experience. Try to have the device always updated.

In order to manually update your Smartphone go to Settings – System – About and press manually on the update option. The Smartphone will search for the newest update package for your device. If your device started working slow after an update, it may be not well optimized. It’s not that common but sometimes it happens.

You haven’t restarted the device

Your Smartphone needs to be restarted after sometime. If a process is making your phone work slow, it can be allocated in the cache memory. A fast solution is to turn off the phone and start it again. Check if your phone works faster after restarting it.

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