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Instagram allows you to share up to 5 links in your bio

The new Instagram feature lets you share 5 links in your bio to promote your work better. The announcement is a direct challenge to Linktree, a third party service that creates a land page with several links in your Instagram bio.

The main objective of this step is to control the generated content of each user in social networks. Linktree and similar services such as Lnk.Bio or Campsite are popular among Instagram users that want to share links with their followers. Linktree is online since 2016 and it has 12 million registered users. Instagram only allows one link per bio, and the new feature comes to change that.

New update for Instagram

A new tool for Influencers to share 5 links in Instagram

The new feature of Instagram will let you share 5 links in the bio. This is helpful for influencers and companies that want to promote their work. When the new feature is activated you can write up to 5 links in your bio with no restriction at all.

The new update can also help Instagram to be more competitive against platforms such as Twitter. The main objective is to get more clicks and higher engagement rates. The possibility to add up to 5 links is a way to professionalize the social network. The new feature will be implemented gradually.

Verified account users with more than 10 000 will get access faster than other. The new feature will eventually reach personal and business accounts alike. The new 5 links in bio feature points towards a more engaging experience as well as a way to share the user activity and other professional or personal links.

In the following days the app should be updating the conditions for use as well as the features in general. If you were thinking about third party apps to share links in your bio, Instagram has heard you.

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