Polygon PoS Bridge

Polygon PoS Bridge improves the user experience for transactions between Ethereum and Polygon zkEVM

  • UX improvements built into Polygon Bridge for Polygon zkEVM for a seamless user experience
  • Withdrawal of funds on Ethereum in just 30-60 minutes after starting the withdrawal thanks to Polygon Bridge
  • Polygon Bridge users can transfer assets without the need to go through the connection process

Yesterday, Polygon announced the release of the Polygon PoS Bridge for Polygon zkEVM. This bridge will facilitate the transfer of assets between different blockchain platforms by incorporating smart contracts into its operation.

Polygon zkEVM launched last month as a beta mainnet and offers scalability solutions for decentralized applications running on the Ethereum blockchain network.

What enhancements does the Polygon PoS Bridge provide?

The Polygon PoS Bridge for Polygon zkEVM will have a user experience similar to the main Polygon PoS network, but with UX improvements. These enhancements include a transaction history, a visible progress bar, and a recent transaction panel with completion status.

It will allow users to withdraw funds from the main Ethereum network within 30 to 60 minutes after initiating the withdrawal. Also, users will not have to go through the login process and the bridge token will be assigned automatically.

Polygon Bridge will support some user-favorite assets such as ERC-20 tokens and the expanded features of ERC-777 tokens.

Some teams have already started building on Polygon zkEVM, including top-tier dApps like Balancer and Lens, and other game projects.

The accessibility and ease of use of the Polygon PoS Bridge for Polygon zkEVM could attract more developers and users to the network.

Effect on the price of MATIC

At the time of writing, the price of MATIC, the native token of the Polygon network, is trading at $0.984, with a small rise of 0.25% in the last 24 hours.

Fuente: Coinmarketcap

After having reached $1.5 during this year 2023, with a 100% increase from its low point of $0.75, the MATIC price is in a process of correction while trying to maintain the psychological zone of $1.00.

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