Which are the VPN risks in a mobile phone

VPN risks in your mobile phone

Using a VPN is usually a good option. It’s especially useful in mobile devices, and you can give it several different uses. For example, you can connect safely to public WiFi or access restricted platforms while travelling. But there are some risks that VPN in your mobile phone expose you to.

Why can a VPN be dangerous for mobile phones? The main problem is false apps. There are also bad quality apps that promise you protection in public networks and in reality steal your information or your money. Bad VPN apps can be really dangerous if they include malware. They can also use spyware to know what we do with the phone or put our privacy at risk. It’s a similar risk that VPN poses in computers. But the VPN risks in a mobile phone are even more common.

How to set VPn to avoid Internet malfunction

Most common VPN risks in mobile phone

You should avoid downloading VPN apps from suspicious websites. It’s very common for hackers to send links through e-mail to make users download false apps. Do not download any app from a link in social network apps or websites. The most common malware infection comes from this type of download.

Another common risk is bad quality VPNs. These apps are not viruses, but they lack several layers of security and defense. If you are using a bad quality VPN it’s probable that your information filters and it can also include vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. There are a lot of VPNs solutions but identifying false ones may be difficult.

How to select a good VPPN

In order to avoid VPN risks in a mobile phone you have to make sure that the download link is from the official page. You can use Google Play Store or official app stores in order to download apps safely.

The official app stores use filters to avoid viruses. There are also names and companies 100% verified. In the VPN world you can download NordVPN, AtlasVPN or Surfshark directly from the Play Store and you won’t have problems.

However, it’s essential to know which VPN app you are installing. You can read opinions from other users before downloading the VPN for you. Another good recommendation is to search in the Internet for vulnerabilities or bugs in the VPN you choose.

VPN are great but you need to make sure you are downloading a legit app. It’s important to choose correctly the most appropriate VPN for the kind of navigation you will make.

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