Google Pixel Fold

Google introduces the Pixel Fold, its first foldable phone

  • Google confirms the existence of the Pixel Fold with a teaser site and it is expected to ship in June for over $1,700.
  • The Pixel Fold’s specs could include a 5.79-inch cover screen, 7.69-inch internal display, Tensor G2 chip, and battery life improvements.
  • It is speculated that the Pixel Fold could be compatible with a Stylus pen.

Google has posted a teaser site for the Pixel Fold, its first foldable phone. Although it had previously been leaked, this is the first time the company has acknowledged its existence.

Design details and specifications of the Pixel Fold

The Pixel Fold’s design has been polished to a mirror finish on the sides and camera bar, which can quickly result in scratches.

The phone is expected to have a 5.79-inch cover screen and a 7.69-inch inner screen. It is also revealed that the phone will be available in two color options, silver and black.

It will have “3 cameras” on the rear of the screen and raised edge cutouts, and the SIM tray will be on the edge of the base of the first (outer) screen.

The USB-C charging port will be at the bottom of the edge of the second (folding) screen, but a 3.5mm jack port will not be included.

The phone will have two speakers and other holes for microphones. Also, battery life is expected to improve.

Lastly, there is a possibility that the Pixel Fold will be compatible with a stylus, which would allow users to easily draw and take notes on the phone’s large screen.

Price and availability

According to CNBC rumors, the phone will ship in June for over $1,700. The price will include various storage options, color options, Android 14 pre-installed, and 12GB of RAM.

On May 10, Google will hold its annual Google I/O event, where all the specifications and details of the new Pixel Fold folding phone will be announced. During this event, attendees will be able to learn first-hand about the features of the device, including its dimensions, technical specifications, storage options and available colors, as well as details about battery life, stylus compatibility and other aspects. important.

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