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The most incredible buildings in Minecraft to leave you in awe

Minecraft is a great videogame where you can create almost anything you think of. There are some incredible buildings in Minecraft that resemble real places or explore fantasy kingdoms with a block by block precision. If you want to explore the limits of imagination, you can watch the following videos.

There you will find some of the most incredible Minecraft buildings created in the most popular videogame of history. Minecraft mobs and the game has sold more than 230 million units and you can even download it for free. Instead of virtual exploring in Google Maps, you can use Minecraft to walk around several real places built with Minecraft engine to explore and get to know each corner.

The Death Star recreation in Minecraft

Travelling around the world with Minecraft buildings

If you want to know France in detail, you can book a trip to Versailles’s Palace or Eiffel Tower in Minecraft. The idea is for you to explore the incredible locations of the French capital using Minecraft blocks.

Tourists from all around the world also choose Greece and the Parthenon as one of the points of interests in Europe. The Minecraft recreation includes all sorts of details including the winged horses ornaments.

For lovers of sports and contemporary structures, Minecraft buildings also include the block by block recreation of stadiums such as the Raiders football court. There is no detail missing from the security fences to the seats or the stadium roof.

Disney lovers can also enjoy the experience of walking around Disneylad Orlando. You can make your tour around the Splash Mountain attraction reflected upon Minecraft blocks. There are incredible first person view videos that show you how is the experience of a Splas Mountain ride.

The hanging gardens of Babylon

One of the original 7 wonders of the world. The hanging gardes of Babylon were recreated by DrLaclas through hours of sheer dedication. We couldn’t visit the real hanging gardens of Babylon, but nowadays the recreation in Minecraft is one of the most real and detailed ones ever.

Do you want to know Apple offices in California? Then you can visit them with your Minecraft avatar. It’s one of the most ambitious projects because of the details it includes when exploring a tech hub.

For those who love The Lord of The Rings, there’s also a group of fans working in a Minas Tirith recreation, the great capital of Gondor. It can also be compared with King’s Landing recreation from Game of Thrones. Fantasy books, series and movies are among the most recreated fictional contents locations in Minecraft.

Science fiction is also present in Minecraft. The fans have created locations resembling Stargate episodes and the USS Enterprise of the Star Trek franchise. You can also take a walk around the Death Star from Star Wars in the Rise of Skywalker. For pirate lovers there’s also a Minecraft building of the Blackbeard ship, or even a tyrannosaur rex built using Minecraft blocks.

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