Apple M3 Pro

Rumors about the Apple M3 Pro: specifications and release date

  • Apple postpones the launch of the M3 series until 2024, according to a report by Mark Gurman.
  • The Apple A17 Bionic will be Apple’s first and only 3nm chipset by 2023.
  • Apple’s new CPU, the M3 Pro, will have 12 CPU cores, 18 graphics cores, and 36GB of memory.

Apple’s series of chips has been highly anticipated by fans of the brand and techies alike. After the M1 and M2 series, rumors point to the imminent arrival of the Apple M3. In a recent report, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed some interesting specs about the Apple M3 Pro, as well as a possible release timeline.

Although the Apple M3 was expected to make its debut in 2023, Mark Gurman’s report suggests that fans will have to wait a bit longer. The M3 series will be delayed until next year, which means that the Apple A17 Bionic, which will presumably come with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max/Ultra, will be Apple’s first and only 3nm chipset by 2023.

Leaked specifications and release date of the Apple M3 Pro

According to the report, the Apple M3 Pro will have a CPU made up of six high-performance cores and six efficiency cores. Also, a test version of this chip has been seen with 12 CPU cores, 18 graphics cores, and 36 GB of memory.

The Apple M3 Pro is expected to be released in early 2024. This chipset is expected for future 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, and could also appear in a new iPad Pro with a 14.1-inch display. . Furthermore, the new CPU could also have a beefy version with more CPU and GPU cores, known as the Apple M3 Ultra.

Another recent report notes that the delays in the release of the Apple M3 are also associated with TMSC’s manufacturing of 3nm chips. Although these delays are expected to be temporary, this could affect Apple’s release plans.


Although Apple fans will have to wait a bit longer for the release of the Apple M3, rumors and leaked specs suggest that this chipset will be a significant improvement over its predecessors.

With a more efficient CPU and an increase in the number of CPU and GPU cores, the Apple M3 is likely to further improve the experience for Apple device users.

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