The incredible Sonic games saga

The 5 best selling Sonic games

The blue hedgehog of Sega was born to compete with Mario from Nintendo. Sonic is one of the most known icons in the videogame history and some of his videogames are really incredible. In this list we explore which are the 5 best selling Sonic games and how to get them.

Nowadays it’s easier to play older games. You can explore the original adventures of Sonic and other characters from your computer, videogame console or even cellphone. The 5 most popular and sold Sonic games and why are they so popular. Let’s explore the fast and extreme adventures of Sonic and his friends in videogames.

The blue hedgehog from Sega

Sonic Mega Collection Plus

This is a compilation of classic Sonic games launched in 2004. It was a great opportunity for new users as well as old fans to play again with the blue hedgehog. It reached 1,83 million units sold and it includes the best Mega Drive games of Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

This is one of the biggest deceptions of Sonic. The idea was to make a comeback with the character but the experience was not successful. Even though, it sold 2,69 million units internationally. It’s not a great videogame in terms of graphics or playability, but it’s an adventure starring Sonic.

Sonic Rush

Sonic stars this Nintendo DS game. The first Sonic game in the dual screen Nintendo portable console. It is a classic game with lateral scroll where we have to save two worlds from destruction. Sonic Rush is an excellent game for nostalgic Sonic fans. It reached 3 million units sold record.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

The second adventure of Sonic launched in early 90’s. It introduced popular characters such as Tails and incredible settings that are linked with Sonic saga. It was a Sega Mega Drive exclusive and it sold 6 million units.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The best selling Sonic game is the first of the saga. The videogame where we met Sonic. An adventure of 1991 originally launched in Sega Mega Drive but later ported to Master System and Game Gear as well. Sonic and Dr. Robotnik first fight and the incredible scroll speed. It was a huge success reaching 15 million units sold all around the world.

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