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Cryptocurrency Expert Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Going Towards $ 300 000

  • Seasoned trader Tone Vays sees clear signs of a prolonged bull cycle for Bitcoin after a recent correction.
  • Bold predictions point to a possible high of $300,000 for Bitcoin, with long-term projections.
  • Bitcoin’s current consolidation indicates that the cryptocurrency is preparing for a bullish momentum, according to Vays.

Renowned cryptocurrency trader Tone Vays expresses his belief that the recent Bitcoin (BTC) correction is setting the stage for a prolonged bullish cycle in the market. In a strategy session addressed to his 123,000 YouTube subscribers, Vays notes that Bitcoin’s current consolidation indicates that the cryptocurrency is likely to follow a path that leads to a prolonged bull market to $ 300 000.

Bitcoin (BTC) Long-Term Projections $ 300 000
Source: YouTube Vays

Bitcoin (BTC) Long-Term Projections: $ 300 000

In March, Vays made a prediction about Bitcoin (BTC), noting that it could experience a parabolic rally and hit $60,000 this year. Furthermore, he mentioned that there is a chance it could top out at $200,000 sometime in 2025, or else continue to consolidate for the rest of the year until it hits its higher target of $ 300 000.

According to Vays, Bitcoin is showing clear signs that it is headed for a prolonged bull market that could take the king crypto as high as $ 300 000. The trader expresses his perception of the current consolidation, calling it frustrating, but states that it is clear that Bitcoin has chosen the purple path, i.e. the bullish path.

Vays presents two scenarios for Bitcoin. One more bullish with a lower ceiling of $200,000 and one slightly more bearish with a higher ceiling of $300,000, although the latter would be reached later in time.

These two options represent the possible trajectories that Bitcoin could follow on its way to new highs.

Short term outlook

As for his short-term outlook on BTC, Vays previously noted that Bitcoin is likely to rally to $34,000 due to the halving coming up in less than a year. According to him, the probability of a random straight move up to $34,000 is much higher than a random drop to $22,000. Vays sees the downside as limited at this point and Bitcoin is more likely to move higher.

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin is trading at $27,065, showing a consolidation position in the market.

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