xbox original adapter xbhd

Relive the retro experience with the XBHD adapter for the original Xbox

  • Meet the new Eon Gaming XBHD adapter, designed to bring your first-generation Xbox console into today’s era with HDMI connectors, Ethernet ports, and more.
  • The XBHD adapter converts component video to high definition without lag, offering resolution options up to 1080i. Its dual video output ports allow for a more versatile setup.
  • It not only provides advanced features, but is also designed to reflect the original Xbox aesthetic, providing an authentic and nostalgic look.

Eon Gaming has released an innovative accessory designed to upgrade Microsoft’s original Xbox console and bring it into the modern age. The Eon Gaming XBHD is a plug-and-play replacement A/V adapter for the first generation Xbox.

Enhanced XBHD Adapter Features

The company ups the ante by replacing the original Microsoft A/V adapter with a more versatile solution. The XBHD offers two HDMI connectors for easy playback on modern TVs, as well as three Ethernet ports and a 3.5mm mini-TOSLINK (optical) audio jack.

No external power or additional modifications are required for use.

The XBHD converts the console’s component video to High Definition (HD) without lag, and is capable of outputting in 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i resolutions.

Dual video output ports allow for greater configuration flexibility. In addition, Ethernet connections allow up to four systems to be interconnected without the need for a router to play on a local network.

The aesthetic design of the XBHD adapter is inspired by the original look of the Xbox, so it could easily be mistaken for an authentic Microsoft accessory.

Availability and price

The Eon XBHD plug-and-play adapter is now available for pre-order for $189.99, with shipping expected to begin on June 20.

Although this price may seem high considering the value of a used Xbox today, for passionate retro gamers who want to take advantage of the additional network features, it could be worth the investment.

Eon Gaming also offers A/V adapters for other classic consoles, such as the GameCube and Nintendo 64, which are priced at $159.99 each.

Like the XBHD adapter, Eon’s other adapters are designed in the style of the original consoles and add HDMI output. The Nintendo 64 adapter even features a “Slick Mode” button to smooth out jagged edges.

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