New MIUI 14 design and faster settings

MIUI 14 tips for a faster device

If you have updated your phone to MIUI 14 you can enjoy a better performance. The new MIUI version uses less memory and it’s faster. It’s a great improvement for preinstalled apps as well as third party ones. For example, you can try new MIUI 14 tips to get a faster device easily.

The new MIUI 14 runs on POCO, Redmi and Xiaomi phones and you can apply tricks for faster device in each one of them. Thus, you will see that everything goes smoother and you can even enjoy a better experience in daily use.

The new MIUI 14 options

Activate MIUI 14 faster device with Speed Boost

MIUI 14 Speed Bost hidden feature makes your Xiaomi phone run faster. It’s a hidden feature you can activate from the Security app. When you select Speed Boost the system analyzes each app and erases cache memory to get a speed boost for your device. You can see how much memory the system frees and run it with a button. The Speed Boost feature helps you phone to prevent heavy apps to slow down your device.

You can also go to Security tab and run the Deep cleaning feature. This option eliminates duplicated and redundant images as well as other files. You can manually select which files will be eliminated.

Remove animations for a faster device

Another MIUI 14 trick for a faster device is the animation removal option. It’s a great decision when your battery is close to zero but it’s a hidden order you have to activate manually.

  • First, activate Developer options menu by pressing About the phone MIUI version 7 times.
  • Go to Settings and open Additional Settings
  • Enter Developer options menu and change animation tabs to 0,5.

You can also adjust the speed of animations in your phone using Relaxed or Balanced profiles. Both alternatives improve the phone performance. The settings can be changed from the Home Screen menu by clicking on the selected configuration.

How to start your phone faster

MIUI 14 also introduces settings to enhance the speed of your device turning on. Look for the Automatic Start option in the search bar or go manually from the Settings app. Once there, you need to remove the apps you don’t want to start automatically when restarting the phone.

Enhance RAM memory

The last tips in MIUI 14 for a faster device include RAM memory variations. You can improve the speed of your phone by controlling RAM memory usage for certain apps and features. You can select from 2,3 to 5 GB of RAM allocation manually by turning the Settings app features on.

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