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Google AI for Math that you would like for school

Artificial Intelligence apps are very popular nowadays. These platforms are designed to assist the user in several environments as well as different application methods. Mathematical operations and calculations included. For example, Google AI department has a Math tool that you would love to use at school.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence online services that generate content imitating human behavior is another feature. At the same time some platforms work creating images or computer code for your projects. Tools like Dall-E or ChatGPT are the key for AI standardization in daily computer tasks.  But for those who are not particularly good at Math there’s a great Google AI tool to help you with your exercises. It’s called Minerva and you can start to try it.

Minerva the Google AI for Math problem

Minerva, Google AI for Math exercises

The Google AI for Math can help you to solve different Math equations easily. It’s a very useful and practical platform that performs mathematical operations for you. The use of Artificial Intelligence for solving problems is another of the uses in AI development. The main purpose of Minerva is to use step by step logic to solve mathematical problems.

Minerva can be used in several other programs for simple and complex Math. First you have to input the calculation you want to solve. After that, the AI will show you the result as well as the steps it made to reach it. Minerva uses Parthaways Language Model to elaborate the answers. Right now it still shows errors and has a lot of room for improvements.

One of the greatest features of Minerva is the reading capability of mathematical problems in text form. Google tested the power of Minerva by using university-level Math problems coming from different branches of science. Even though there are errors and bugs, the AI is great to solve and show you step by step solutions for Math problems. Probably in the future it will be even more precise.

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