How to restore old photos with Artificial Intelligence

4 Artificial Intelligence tools that can help you restore old photos

If you want to create a photo album with old images of your parents, grandparents or different settings, it will depend on the storage condition.  Some photos react very badly to poor storage conditions. However the new Artificial Intelligence can help you to restore old photos in seconds.

AI tools can not only help you to create texts or images from a description. You can also use it to restore old photos with no need of inventing information. All the data you need can be found on the image. Most of the AI results when restoring old photos are spectacular. Here we give you 4 Artificial Intelligence recommendations to restore your photos.

The results of Artificial Intelligence tools to restore and improve old photos

My Heritage Artificial Intelligence to restore old photos

MyHeritage is an AI platform used to create genealogical trees. It can also help you to investigate the past of our family in order to find relationships between different people. In the last years it has included additional features to improve image qualities and give new life to old photos.

The MyHeritage restoring feature uses deep learning to improve the quality and resolution of your photos. It can also eliminate scratches from your old photos. You can use the free version for sporadic restorations but if you need to work with several photos you will have to pay the full version.


Another AI solution is HotPot. This free Artificial Intelligence lets you restore images, modify the resolution and add sharpness to any kind of image in a fast and easy way. It’s not necessary to install the program. You can use the platform online, upload your photo and let it work. It can improve facial traits, improve color and eliminate scratches.  The platform is free but you have to pay if you want to use it commercially.


The GFPGAN is an AI tool available on GitHUB. It lets you restore old photos and expand the photography resolutions in digital format. You can improve the resolution eliminating the granulated effect and granting more sharpness. It’s very useful for old photos and badly illuminated ones.

restorePhotos an Artificial Intelligence to restore old photos

Another interesting AI tool you can use to restore your old photos. The web restorePhotos is completely free. It can reduce scratches; improve facial traits and resolution settings. A great alternative to restore images for free and with a few steps.

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