HDD and SSD capacity comparisons

How to choose the capacity for your new HDD or SSD

When buying a new computer HDD or SSD to upgrade your system, the most common question is about storage capacity and speed. There are differences in HDD or SSD devices and they include price, capacity and features. Each one of them is useful according to your own needs.

But before choosing between a HDD or SSD device, you need to know which is better. Both devices are good but they can make the most out of different characteristics of your computer. Let’s learn about them and how to choose the most appropriate one.

How to choose between a HDD and SSD capacity features.

What’s better a HDD or an SSD in capacity terms?

The main difference between both is easy to notice but they’re still compatible. The SSD offers higher speed and lets you install the operating system faster. You computer will start faster than using a regular hard drive. File transfers and other data operations will also be faster using this device. Although the price is higher when comparing storage capacity.

A good HDD lets you store more files and you can spend 2 or 3 times less than buying a SSD. The most common setting nowadays includes an SSD to install the operating system and a HDD for large storage capacity.  At the end of the day, it all depends on your own needs. It’s not the same a solid-state drive of 128GB against a 2TB HDD. In order to pick one or the other you have to analyze the type of use you will give to it.

Capacity of HDD and SSD devices

Computer users always want more storage capacity available but also paying as little as possible. The combination of HDD and SSD devices is the key to get your own computer settings accordingly.

For example, a gaming computer does not require the same features that an office one. Whereas a Call of Duty game can weigh up to 240GB, a Word document reaches up to 10MB. This is thousands of times smaller files. Something similar happens when using the computer for video editing or watching 4K movies. Each of these files take up dozens or hundreds of GBs.

When choosing your new HDD or SSD capacity compare prices in the market in order to adapt your computer and device to your needs. If you want to buy a SSD, the starting point in capacity should be 128GB. With this capacity you can install your operating system and the price is not that high. You can also include a game not so demanding for faster load times. On the other hand, the HDD with large capacity is cheaper and you should buy one of 4TB or higher.

If you don’t need special features or storage capacities, you can equip your computer with both small HDD and SSD for a little less than 100€. It’s up to the user and the budget available how to choose the best configuration.

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