How to use the great app SD Maid to avoid cache issues

A great app to help you avoid cache issues

One of the worst enemies of your mobile phone is the cache memory. The data reservoir lets you open apps and webs faster, but it gradually wears out your device. However, there’s a great app that helps you avoid any cache issues. It’s called SD Maid and you can use it to perform a general cleanup of your device.

The cache memory grows larger and larger every day, accumulating tons of information that may slow down your device. It never stops growing and you have to eliminate it every so often. With SD Maid you can do the cache cleaning easier and faster.

Have your own SD Maid in Android

Use SD Maid a great app to stop cache issues

If you are having problems of storage space with your phone, the memory cache can be the reason. Is one of the invisible and hungry elements of your phone and it will always be active. The memory cache is made up of temporary files created by the apps in order to access them quickly from your phone when you need them again.

Memory cache files are necessary for apps to work efficiently, but they can also save data and your battery life. Although useful, the cache memory sometimes saves data from apps you don’t use frequently. That’s the reason for you to do a good clearing of cache memory regularly.

You can enter the Android settings menu and choose every app independently from the apps section. But the manual process can take you some time. There’s also the matter of data that Android erases, because sometimes cache also includes app data, alternative data and cache.

But you can use the great app SD Maid to avoid cache issues and clean your device easier. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store or through GitHub. In the Play Store the app includes a Premium version with extra features for 4,99€.  On the other hand, the GitHub version offers premium advantages via APK download.

How to download SD Maid form GitHub

In order to download the app you have to open the GitHub link of SD Maid and follow these steps:

  • Scroll down the page and open the section called Assets.
  • Download the APK file (it weighs 5,69 MB).

Install it in your phone and grant the permissions.

Once you have installed it you can start exploring its features. Free space using the App Cleaner section and automate the functions of the app.

  • Open the Scheduler and select Edit Schedule.
  • Create your own automatic cleaning periods and save the settings.

The new schedule can be activated manually from the interface. You can also disable your Schedule if you want to start manual cache cleaning any time. Using SD Maid you can rest assure that your phone won’t have storage problems. It’s a great app to eliminate cache issues by automating the cleaning process.

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