Windows 12 rumors

Windows 12 is on development. What do we know about the system?

Right now, Microsoft is focusing good part of its resources on the Windows 11 operating system, a version that has been slowly adopted by users. At first it didn’t have the expected acceptance, but now Windows 10 users are migrating. But Windows 12 is on development and almost ready according to some rumors.

The Windows 11 operating system has many detractors and Microsoft is already working in the next big project. Initially it may be called Windows 12 but the name Next Valley is also circulating. Nowadays little is known about Windows 12. The occasional rumors surface from time to time but there’s no official or definitive statement. We gathered the most recent updates in order to know what is being cooked in the Microsoft operating system world.

The updates coming with a Windows 12 release

The new Windows 12 will bring, according to the rumors, important updates that users wanted to see. For example, improvements in the taskbar features, fragmented operating system tools and greater compatibility with Android devices.

The improvements in the taskbar of Windows 12

The taskbar of Windows 11 is one of the most criticized elements of its interface. Microsoft is working on this issue and there may be improvements in Window s12. The floating taskbar similar to Apple’s desktop one and icons located on the upper right corner may become the solution for this interface issue.

Fragmented operating system

Microsoft has already tried to implement a fragmented operating system in the past. Windows 12 may be the solution to manage and control each part individually and improving the performance and efficiency notably.

Greater compatibility with Android mobile devices

In the last years Microsoft has been trying to improve the compatibility between Windows and Android. We can talk about several apps and platforms that help both operating systems to interact faster and more efficiently. The Your Phone application will receive significant improvements in Windows 12.

Artificial intelligence tools

The new Windows operating system will also include more compatibility and tools for AI development. The new technology has been very well received by the community and the operating system wants to make the most out of it.

Lighter distribution

It’s true that Microsoft wants users to migrate from Windows 10 to 11 aggressively. However this won’t happen with the new version. Users will decide when they want to migrate their devices.

There’s still time before the glimpse for a first edition arrives. There will be trial versions of the new system but the estimates indicate that Windows 12 will arrive by the end of 2024.

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