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Bring back the classic version of TweetDeck while you can

  • TweetDeck has been temporarily suspended, but users can now manually switch back to the classic version they were used to.
  • Twitter has been testing updates to TweetDeck for years, but many users preferred the older version.
  • Although TweetDeck will soon be available only to paid users, it is not yet clear if they will be able to choose between the old and the new version.

The famous and beloved TweetDeck has experienced a suspension in its execution, although everything indicates that it will be temporary. Fortunately, users now have the ability to manually revert back to the classic version of TweetDeck that they have grown accustomed to over the years. However, it is uncertain how long this option will remain available.

Salvation comes in the form of the “TweetDeck version” function in the users settings. This option allows those who were forced to use the new version of TweetDeck to go back in time.

For years, Twitter has been experimenting with updates to TweetDeck, but those users who in the past opted for the new version were always able to roll back if they didn’t like the new experience (and apparently, most people didn’t). .

However, since Elon Musk’s entry into the equation last October, with his focus on monetizing through subscriptions and premium features, concerns have been raised about the future of TweetDeck, the Twitter app that allows power users to manage most effective multiple Twitter accounts.

When Twitter began imposing restrictions on reading tweets last week, it caused TweetDeck to stop working for millions of users, who were automatically redirected to the new version of TweetDeck with no clear way to go back.

However, over the weekend, as reported by The Verge, some users reported seeing an option to go back to the old TweetDeck.

How to go back to the classic version of TweetDeck

This option has apparently been made available again in the settings menu, allowing anyone to manually make the change.

classic tweetdeck setting

However, keep in mind that soon TweetDeck will only be available to paid users. In this sense, it is not clear if subscribers will be able to choose between the classic and the new version.

In any case, for now, we can once again enjoy the TweetDeck of yesteryear. So grab this opportunity while you can and get back to enjoying the experience you know and love.

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