How to play Zelda classics on Nintendo Switch

Play two Zelda classics on your Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most iconic series in the videogames industry. Each new game captivates the audience since 1986. Gamers from all ages know of the great scope of the franchise, with lots of the titles of Zelda being considered masterpieces of the adventure and action RPG genre. The two Zelda classics for the Game Boy Color we explore here are no exception.

The original The Legend of Zelda arrived on the 8-bit NES console. Then, the Super Nintendo A Link to the Past helped the saga to reach new heights and it was followed by Link’s Awakening in the portable Game Boy. The portable game left a significant mark on the saga, and the later replicas of the visual style and gameplay was further explored in Game Boy Color with Ages and Seasons. Now you can play both of these Zelda classics on your Nintendo Switch.

Two Zelda classics directly on your Switch

Zelda classics, Ages and Season arrive together on Switch

In 2001 the two cartridges arrived simultaneously like a Pokémon duo. Even though the titles varied significantly from one another, they shared a similar structure. The fans were left in the dilemma of not knowing which one to start with. One of the titles spoke of the mythical eras of Hyrule and the other explored the change of seasons within the adventure.

The two Zelda became classics and are included among the most memorable games from early 2000s. Even before the launch of Windwaker, Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass. Now you can enjoy both Game Boy Color titles on your Nintendo Switch thanks to the Nintendo Online Service.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are available on the Nintendo Online game catalog. It’s a paid subscription service that letsyou store games in the cloud. You can play titles from other consoles of Nintendo, access multiplayer and many more features. In the Game Boy Color section you will find these two Zelda classics ready to play.

How can you subscribe to Nintendo Online?

You can subscribe to Nintendo Online directly from the console using the Nintendo eShop app. However you can save up some money using reliable websites with membership discounts. Whether you want to enjoy the Zelda classics or many other games from NES, Game Boy and Super Nintendo, you can find 12-month subscriptions with interesting discounts.

Remember that  you can upgrade your Nintendo Online subscription. The Expansion pass includes Game Boy Advance, Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 games for a small fee.

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