Waze Android Auto new features

Waze works better in Android Auto thanks to its new features

Google Maps and Waze are two of the most popular and efficient apps to use as GPS in the car. Although they face tough competition, both are backed up by Google and that’s a great advantage. Waze in Android Auto works better thanks to the new integration features that help you improve your navigation options.

Waze for Android Auto incorporates new features that improve the driving experience for users. In order to make the most out of Waze in your car we list the features introduced this year and what can they do for you.

Android Auto and Waze compatibility new features

Adaptation to Coolwalk Interface in Waze for Android Auto

The Coolwalk Interface is one of the newest features of Android Auto. It has gradually been rolled out, and you can even use tricks to activate Coolwalk if it doesn’t appear by default in your system. The integration of Waze for this new view style is great news as it works with a great compatibility level.

The compatibility announced at the end of March is now available. Essentially, it works as a split-screen where users can have the Waze navigation map in one section and, for example, the music player or other elements in another.

Nevertheless, having multiple tools and their respective shortcuts on display is extremely useful. Even with a small screen, the adaptation is good and there’s a taskbar at the bottom of the Waze map.

Electric Vehicle Charging Point View

This is not a feature for all the users. In fact, it is still for a minority of drivers. But for those who already own an electric car, they can now identify charging stations faster on the map using Android Auto. That’s quite a feature.

The functionality was introduced in March and it provides the same information as for fuel or gas stations. You can learn about operating hours and useful information. It also gives you the price per kilowatt-hour.

Android Automotive built-in integration

As we already know, Android Automotive is not the same as Android Auto. In a few words, we can say it is the operating system for some vehicles, based on Android, but there are mane features in common.

So, having apps like Waze natively integrated into the system are great news. At the end of 2022 the announcement reached the users, but it become real in 2023. Right now, those who buy a car with Android Automotive no longer need to use Android Auto to have Waze on their screen.

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