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How to view Instagram with no account

Imagine you want to view photos or Reels of Instagram users without having your own account. The content they share on the social media platform is still available if you know how to access it. You need to remember that Instagram is a Meta application, and this means there are millions of users sharing photos, videos and all kinds of special moments.

In order to fully access Instagram features and post your own content, you need to create an account and log in. But if you only want to view other’s posts without signing up you can follow a simple trick to view all Instagram content.

How can you view Instagram content with no account

Steps to view Instagram content with no account

What you need to do is to open a web browser on your computer or smartphone and enter the Instagram URL followed by the username. For example, you can use:

The browser window will show you the Instagram account of the user you selected. After you scroll down a few posts, a pop-up window will ask you to register or log in to your Instagram account. You only need to ignore the windows and keep watching the profile. If you want to watch a Reel or photo, you just right-click on it and select “Open link in a new tab”.  The content will open in a new tab and with no bothersome pop-up window.

On the other hand, to watch Instagram Stories anonymously you need a third-party tool. There are different options available but one of the most comprehensive is “InstaNavigation”.

How to correctly use InstaNavigation

There are a few easy steps you need to follow in order to activate InstaNavigation. Follow these indications:

  • Enter the application’s website.
  • Introduce the username you want to view in the search bar.

You will see the stories, and there’s even a button available in to top-right corner that lets you download the content to your hard drive.

Using InstaNavigation you can view Instagram content without having an account. However, there are several features you won’t be able to enjoy. There’s no interaction available through this method, for example.

If you don’t have an Instagram account you can’t connect with other users and send them direct messages. You won’t be able to leave comments either, and forget about sharing your own photos or videos. In the end, the experience gets very limited.

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