How hackers try to steal your phone number

Avoid hackers to steal your phone number on the Internet

Hackers are always looking for a way to steal your phone number on the Internet, as well as other sensitive data. They can use this information to carry out scams and attacks. They can also steal passwords and accounts of several services. One of the things they want to steal is your phone number. It’s easier than most users think, but you must make a mistake for them to steal it.

However, you can also avoid the mistake. Here we explore different methods to secure your personal information and avoid hackers from stealing your mobile phone number. For instance, if your mobile phone number is stolen, the hackers can send a fake SMS pretending to be from a legitimate company. In that message they include a link that takes you to a fraudulent website and then they steal your passwords. Another possibility is signing you up for certain services and sending malicious advertisements.

Avoid hackers to steal your phone number

How to prevent your mobile number to be stolen

If you want to prevent an attacker from knowing your phone number and using it you need to follow certain tips. The main goal is always to keep your personal data protected as well as avoiding security issues. It’s very straightforward as long as you don’t make mistakes.

Don’t expose your mobile number

First thing you should avoid is exposing your mobile phone number on the Internet. Do not post it on social media, this will make it available to anyone. It can also happen that you write it in an open forum, or in any other platform where a third party can access.

All of these cases must be avoided. You should prevent your phone number to appear on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a reliable platform. There can always be a leak or a hacker lurking around for that information.

Register cautiously

You should also take care of your personal information when registering on an Internet service. If the platform doesn’t inspire confidence, you should avoid registering. This is also true when you don’t really know who is behind the service. It’s better to keep your information safe. Some websites or apps ask your for the mobile phone number. In case you can avoid giving it, it’s better.

Don’t answer strange SMS

A very common method that cybercriminals use to find out who owns a phone number is casting bait through an SMS. They can ask your for certain details or send you a link to click on. They do this to confirm if the number belongs to someone. Once they link a mobile number to a person, they can launch a more personalized phishing attack. They use these attacks to steal your password or compromise your online security.

Limit the app permissions

When you install a new app on your mobile phone, the device is asked for several permissions. Hackers can create software exclusively to gather data. They achieve this through the permissions you grant when installing an app. The best tip to avoid this issue is to limit the permissions you grant. Especially for apps you don’t trust. You should always avoid grating permissions that can compromise sensitive information.

To sum up, the attempts to steal your mobile phone number on the Internet are quite a few. The best solution is to minimize risks whenever possible and be aware of which information you share.

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