How to use Kickresume AI to write your CV

Kickresume creates your resume for free with AI

There are several websites on the Internet that help you create a resume online for free. However, Kickresume is a new approach that uses AI to write the information in a comprehensive and more professional way. The artificial intelligence modules can assist users in numerous actions, and the writing of a good resume with professional templates is one of the newest.

Kickresume is a website where you can design your own resume with only a few prompts. It offers a very professional presentation and easy interface. In this article we explore the main features of the tool and how to start creating your own CV.

Differences in Resume and Cover Letter with Kickresume AI

Design your resume with AI using Kickresume

Since ChatGPT release for public use, there are many artificial intelligence-powered tools available. Kickresume is one of those, specially designed to create resumes easily thanks to AI protocols. In order to use Kickresume you only need to register for free or log in using LinkedIn, Google or Facebook account.

Once inside the platform, you will have access to different tools that guide you for a professional resume creation. The first text box asks you about your name and most recent work experience. You can select different templates to start designing the CV you like. The interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate.

The creation panel has different sections to fill with personal information such as work experience, skills, hobbies and strengths. Some of the functions remain exclusive for premium users like number of skills to fill in, icon customization and others. The AI-based text generator can help you fill the work experience field. It also provides real examples of other users who created their resumes on the web for a clearer reference.

The design section lets you choose from the templates or generate a design randomly. You can also customize it with basic options like color, font and format. Premium users will have other options available.

Share and compare your resume

The AI Kickresume creates your resume and lets you share it with friends or an expert team for review. The team will check grammar, improve readability, and provide advice to increase the job search prospects. This is a paid option and the reviewers will take a maximum of two days to review your CV.

Once the resume is ready, you can download it in a PDF format or export it to Word. There’s also the option to send it on email, save it in Dropbox of Google Drive platforms. If you want to upgrade to a premium account you can pay 60 euros a year or 19 euros a month. The premium alternative gives you access to more templates, customization options as well as CV verification with AI.

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