amazon garage delivery fees

Amazon introduces garage delivery fees for Prime members

  • Changes to Amazon’s policy for garage delivery starting October 4.
  • $1.99 rates for Amazon Prime members using this option outside of the designated delivery day.
  • Strategies to avoid fees and still enjoy safe garage delivery.

Amazon, the leader in online commerce, has announced a change to its garage delivery policy that will have consequences for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Starting October 4, Amazon Prime members who choose the garage delivery option will be charged a $1.99 fees unless they choose to receive their packages on Amazon’s predetermined delivery date.

Amazon’s “Garage Delivery” alternative has been praised for its security and weather protection, as delivery drivers deposit packages in a safer location that prevents potential porch thieves from getting hold of them.

However, this convenience will now come at a small cost for Prime members who wish to use it outside of the scheduled delivery day.

Amazon’s recommendation to avoid these fees is simple: users can schedule all their orders to be delivered on the delivery date stipulated by Amazon, which will allow them to continue enjoying free garage delivery.

For those who require urgent delivery and do not wish to pay the additional fee, the option remains to leave the package outside your door if you cannot be present to receive it. It is also possible to designate a specific delivery location that is less exposed than the front door, as long as it is not inside the garage.

How does Amazon Garage Delivery work?

When a delivery driver arrives at your address, he or she scans the package and requests unique access to the customer’s garage, which must be compatible with the Amazon Key smart home system.

Driver location and package validation is done before opening the garage door, and the delivery person places the package inside before closing the door with a simple tap on the delivery app.

This change in Amazon’s pricing policy comes shortly after another adjustment that increased the minimum purchase amount for free shipping for non-Prime customers to $35 in several markets. Previously, these customers only needed to spend $25 to qualify for free shipping, which is a noticeable increase of $10.

These additional fees are introduced at a time when Amazon is looking for ways to increase revenue and reduce costs amid economic challenges. In fact, since the beginning of the year, the company has made staff cuts, laying off approximately 27,000 workers, which is equivalent to approximately 8% of its corporate workforce.

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